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I don't *need* to make House icons, but it makes me happy.

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Truth begins in lies. Think about it.
Welcome to good House icons! This is an icon community in style and imitation of many other wonderful elite icon communities on LJ, a list of which can be found at the bottom of this info. However, you guessed it, this comm is only for icons related to the amazing and addictive show House M.D. Don't know what this show is?! You're at the wrong place, cause I don't have the desire or time to explain. But I'll be nice and point you to The Official Site and house_md, because this show is just that worth knowing about. Now onto the important stuff.

This icon community is elite, meaning you have to apply with examples of your work, receive an invite from one of the mods, and then you will be able to post all the wonderful House related icons you want. Your friendly neighborhood House addicts are watercolornight and undercoveregg with the possibility of an addition soon. If you have any questions, direct them to either mod via email or AIM. I think that's a pretty simple explanation, so if you get it, read on.

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Pretty self-explanatory, and I'm sure you're familiar with every single one of these rules that I ripped off of every other good____icons community, but read them again for your own sake.

Taking Icons
1. It is assumed that every icon posted here is for public consumption. If you don't want people taking your icons, don't post them here.
2. If you take someone's icon(s), there are three easy steps you must perform: Comment on that person's post, Save the icon to your own server, and Credit the creator in your user picture keywords. Simple.
3. If you're here just to look and take pretty icons, only friend the comm, don't join. Cause you won't get in.

Posting Icons
1.Sort of obvious, but you have to have been accepted into the community to post.
2. Post all icons behind an LJ-cut, which looks like this: <lj-cut text="the text you want to show">.
3. Post up to 3 examples of icons oustide (above) the LJ cut code.
4. Post only icons outside the LJ cut. Wallpapers & graphics are allowed but only behind LJ cuts.
5. Do not post gradients, brushes, textures, etc, here.
6. No junk in your icons. If the writer wouldn't put it in the script, (and believe me, there's not much that falls into that category, so no room for complaining), don't put it on your icons.
7. If you end up deciding to apply, put "Hello, sick people" in the subject line. No, it's not so I can tell if you read the rules, it's so I can tell if you read the rules.

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So you think you've got what it takes? Here's what you should do:
1. Click here.
You thought there'd be more didn't you? Ok so there is but it's not on this page. So click already!

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